I am ending my contract early and handing my car back to the finance company. They are looking for me to pay £196 for gap insurance I took out at the start of my agreement. I spoke to my dealership who told me It was £300 at the start and I pay this monthly and that would be what I had left to pay, but I’m only 3 months away from the end of my agreement anyway (Feb). So I have only paid £104 of it ? It doesn’t seem right to me. Does anyone know if I have to pay this? Or surely once my agreement with the finance company has ended that ends as well?


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    Is this HP or Conditional Sale based PCP and are you using Voluntary Termination to hand the car back early (having paid 50% or more). If so your borrowing for the GAP policy may have been set up as a sub loan on a personal loan type basis with no VT rights, ie you can't walk away without paying the full cost of this sub loan
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