Can I take a break from steaming my Christmas puddings?

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My puddings have been cooking for almost 5 hours now and I want to go out. I'm just turning off the heat and leaving them sitting there till I get back. I don't want to poison anyone on Christmas day, should I continue to cook them tomorrow for a couple of hours and then again on Christmas Day?


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    IMHO you should be fine - there's nothing that will go off after 5 hours of cooking so I doubt you will poison anyone.

    If you're concerned, use your nose on Crhistmas Day - if it smells musty, don't eat it but otherwise, heat it in the microwave and make sure it's up to temperature.
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    I tend to make smaller puddings now rather than one or two large ones. They are quicker to cook /reheat and you can keep unused ones for ages.

    We have a homemade pudding and uncut Christmas cake from last year
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    Icant see a problem at all.
    If you are bothered, cool them and then freeze them till christmas eve
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    I bet they were fine.
    Out of interest was this boiling in a saucepan or cooking in a bain marie in the oven?
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