Gamer's survival kit ideas

I'm looking to make a gamer's survival kit for a 13 y/o. I've had a look on the web but most have a HUGE amount of sweets, and energy drinks, tea and coffee. I wouldn't want to give a 13 y/o all that caffeine.
I would put in one bag of sweets, crisps and a drink but can't think of anything else. Preferably the total under £10.
I would also get a PS store card but that's not part of the £10 total.
Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!


  • spadooshspadoosh Forumite
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    thumb grips for their respective controller.
    (not an endorsement of the specific product/price just an example)

    Cable guys are nice novelties although will probably surpass the total budget (they hold your controller and look like a gaming character) might be worth looking for a cheap one/offer

    Characters. You can normally get models/characters of whatever your favourite game/franchise might be. And along those lines, stickers/badges (potentially sew on style badges)

    You can normally buy the more gimmicky console items fairly cheaply after how long theyve been out. So eg for the Xbox 1 they had a tv tuner add on, which should be within budget by now.

    Alternatively you should be able to chuck in a few movies as add on, theyre usually pretty synonymous.

    Love the idea!
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    Great idea for a present.

    Not very exciting, but hand wipes will come in very useful - nothing worse than grease/crumbs/sticky sweets all over the controller.
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    Can you get him a personalised ‘skin’ for his controller(S)?
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  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    What sort of headphones does he use? As replacement ear foam isn't expensive but adds to comfort & soundproofing.
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    According to my gaming friends, crisps are a bit of a flop because of the grease and need of a hand.
    Any sweet that you can eat whilst holding it in your teeth is a win, so the American's vote red vines and twizzlers which are red liquorice straws to us.
    Reusable straws popped up so you can just lean in and sip leaving hands free
    Primark had some PS licensed stuff (socks etc).
    Sanitizer wiped are a good one,screen wipes too.
    Gaming t-shirts online can be purchased for a fiver or so if you know a favoured game of just gaming in general....
    A stress ball might be a good addition too, helps reinvigorate hands after the repetitive motions and might be helpful after a full on session for the mind too LOL
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