How long do I get to respond to NTK?

Apologies if the answer to this is in a thread somewhere, I did a search and couldn't see anything.

I received a Penalty Charge Notice on 01/10/19 from a local council for parking on a street. I appealed it fairly quickly due to no signage, and they have rejected my appeal. I haven't yet received the NTK, but I wondered if anyone knows how long I have to respond to this with a formal appeal? I am going away on Saturday 02/11 and will not be home until 19/11, and I don't want to jeopardise any chance of winning by responding too late, not that I have any choice if it arrives while I'm away!

This is the first parking ticket I'm taking 'all the way', so I want to make sure I maximise my chances of success! Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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