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    Morning all from a dull, dank, and thoroughly miserable Mehefinland

    Well we've done it. We went to see the mare yesterday and although she is bigger than we were told she seems to fit the bill. We didn't meet the owner but her son came out and answered all the questions we could think of. Think I might need to build a mounting block to get on her. Haven't ridden since March so no doubt there will be a few John Wayne impressions when we get her home.
    Another friend of the owner is going to ride her for a bit and make sure she is ok ( she hasn't been ridden for 12 months) and also deliver her to us when we are ready. Feel a bit traitorous as you might expect but perhaps it is the best thing for all.

    The owner doesn't want any payment and we are uncomfortable with that so are going to make a donation to charity. !!!!!ishly looked up the obituary last night so we know which one they supported.

    The hard part is clearing out the old stable and getting it ready for a new user. Brought me to tears (again) this morning when I made a start so I had to abandon the task for now.

    Hugs and spoons to those in need as always. I could use a cwtch myself

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    I am shattered already. Yesterdays op went ok, making him keep his arm up was a case of reminding him when I saw it was slowly going down. He complained once about the pain, I gave him pain killers and told him to grin and bear it. He slept ok. Getting him up this morning was very tiring, I had to undress him last night, give him a wash this morning and then dress him again. By the time I had finished and staggered through for breakfast I needed pain killers for my back.

    Cleaner is here this morning so bed stripped, its a fine morning so will risk it on the line. I need to get the linen out for her to help me remake the bed.

    Supper tonight is mince, mash and veggies. OH can have his in a bowl with a spoon, although by lunch time the first 24 hours are over and he can start limited use with his left hand.

    Does anyone know what happened to the lady whose husband had not been paid correctly. I was looking for a post to see how she got on.
    Target figure £5,500/£3412.05
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    Morning All,
    First visit here.

    Have got the dentist later which I'm not looking forward to at all!

    Child 2 is coming back from Uni as he "wants to chat", so only really the next gripping episode of "Emmers" to look forward to tonight.

    Oh, and I'm on the train today to work which was ONE carriage this morning for a 8am commuter train into the City Centre.
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    Morning all,

    Mehefin, a hug from me,I understand the traitorous element.It's very hard especially after having Bruisemare so long.

    I've not had the best week so far, on Monday evening I had a call to say my elderly 'Auntie' had passed away after her short illness,yesterday I went to my friends DMums funeral and today we are all going to my uncles funeral :( Last night we had to pop to [email protected] to get new black trousers for DH and DS as the ones they had no longer fit .At least the menfolk have a choice of white shirts - I must have found about 10!
    RR glad the sandals are helping :)
    Speky - I didnt watch either
    Csarina glad the op went ok.Take care of yourself too.
    Snoozer, it's easily done with the family tree ,I've done it myself :)
    Welcome Dave

    Well better get organised ,take care all x
    :heartsmil 'A woman is like a teabag: You never know her strength until you drop her in hot water'. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
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    Oh dear Rosy, what an awful week for you. Seems these things all come together.

    Well, I'm showered, next stage is to get dried and dressed. :rotfl: The days when I could go from bed to shower to clothes on to car and on the A1 in 20 minutes are long behind me.

    Welcome Dave.

    Csarina - won't be long until DH is able to use his hand again.
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    Speky, you're not the only one who hasn't seen it, I haven't either..never mind though, I'll still enjoy it when we watch it after...
    Docs is not a physical ailment appt, so not to worry there, it's a MH one, to see if I am needing anything after events of past two years...First one I've had....I think it was offered as a sort of sticking plaster and also I think because they are wondering why I'm not a gibbering wreck...To be honest, I'm sort of wondering that too....I'm doing a lot of displacement though....
    Rosie - commiserations, that's a lot of stuff to happen in a short period...csarina, hope he recovers quickly, that's got to be so tiring. mehefin - hugs.

    Welcome dave...
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    Morning all Dry and chilly here. I have a cold I think. Dreadful sore throat in the night and feeling a bit tired. I have put mince in the slow cooker for a lasagne for dinner tonight. I am about to cook lentil and tomato soup for lunch as DD and dgs are coming round after watching a performance at the local creative arts centre not far from our house. We will have toast and pate as well.

    Csarina hope DH recovers quickly. Gers not long now till your op. You sound very organised. Mehefin have hug.

    Well have a good day all.

    "It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world"
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    GBBO,I honestly forget it's on so I too don't watch it either, but then I am not a great TV watcher I am enjoying the Simon Reeve programme about America though, was shocked at the part about that poor woman living underneath a motorway bridge. An awful lot of inequality in the US.

    Just confirmed the booking for my youngest DD and her OH for their short weekend break between Christmas and New Year on the IoW.Its part of her 50th birthday present that my son-in-law and I have cooked up between us .I shall be at her house refereeing the four boys who will be home for two weeks and they are going off from 27th-30 December for a peaceful weekend away together on our beloved IoW :0 she will be so surprised I think

    The pub was packed last night for quiz night and I think the landlords were pretty pleased at how its become so polpular.We came 4th so at least kept our end up even if we didn't win and had a very pleasant evening.
    Right I feel the kettle calling me :) Tomorrow DD has her day off so we are taking Mikey to his favourite place Chislehurst caves which is always good fun at this time of the year

    Have a good evening chums and keep warm and dry

    JackieO xx
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    Good afternoon all and welcome Dave.

    I prefer the spring Gers, both at Alnwick and anywhere, I find the autumn is a melancholy time, everything is going to sleep for the winter. Still, it passes, and by February the spring bulbs are coming up at Alnwick, and it's heartening.

    You've had a bad week Rosy , hope things improve for you

    I've got a Christmas pudding in the pressure cooker, and another one waiting to go in, so I've made a start,

    This morning at the hairdressers I had a drastic change of style, and DH is aghast, but he'll soon get used to it.

    Have a good evening folks, hope everyone is ok
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