Money saving tips for gluten free people?



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    Hi gionetto,

    There are good comments on here. I am gratefully not coeliac but strive to minimise my refined carbohydrates, which of course includes wheat/gluten.

    The main issue, which you have no doubt encountered, is swapping gluten for other highly refined carbohydrate substitutes, such as tapioca starch, maize starch, rice flour and countless others. Sugar-swapping is no good if you want to keep your blood sugar levels down, as well as avoid the devastating effects of gluten on your coeliac condition / digestive system / body.

    Several experienced people recommend cooking your own food and also slow cooking, which you were pondering. I cook once a week and it takes about 1.5 hours of effort for 8 decent adult servings in my 5.5 litre slow cooker.
    You can entirely control what you put in:
    - no gluten
    - low budget

    Some ideas:

    Vegetables are cheap and check your local food waste groups as so much is salvaged and saved by them and made available free locally. Moneysavingexperts also know all about the end of day mark-downs at your local supermarkets. If you have a green-grocer, they may give you stuff at end of day too.

    Beans and pulses work well and especially the uncooked or unsoaked dry versions, which are way cheaper.

    Meats can be sourced very cheap from your local butcher. Ask for bones and you get meaty bones. Often termed dog bones. Sometimes even free.
    Supermarkets sell "meaty bones" from various animals for 1 - 2 pounds per kilo.
    Cooks up a real treat in slow cooker!

    I love slow cooking so much I wrote a personal blog post about the basics to share the love. I am not sure how to link exactly.

    Once you get off the refined carbohydrates, your days of snacking will be behind you.

    Happy slow cooking.
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    Aldi often have products where it says in very small writing Gluten free. As said previously the slow cooker is your friend, Buy reduced meat/chicken and veg pop them in and then freeze in portions. Fish pie is good buy fish when reduced freeze and when you have enough make a large fish pie which once cooked (GF flour in the sauce) you can portion up.
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    Another vote here for Aldi GF sausages, no more expensive than a decent non-GF one. We also get GF meatballs from Aldi.
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    If you go onto the Tesco online groceries site, choose a main category, eg, Food cupboard, then look for the drop down box saying Lifestyle and Dietary, you can choose 'no gluten' and see what's available that isn't just 'Free From'. You get some surprises, like Heinz beans and sausage is gluten free, but not really marketed as such. You don't have to buy from Tesco, but it gives you a better idea of what's available.

    Meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fruit, plain cheese etc are gluten free if they are unprocessed, and rice, potatoes and quinoa aren't bad. I do get Tesco's Free From pasta, but I wait until the sale which happens once a year, usually April or May, and I buy lots.
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