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Cleared my debts trying to colour in the lines money wise now...


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    You may want to post this on the renting section.

    Something to add would be about the address on your council tax bill.

    Is it addressed to you at

    flat A, 1 Any Road (or some other way of identification of it being a flat?

    Or 1 Any Road.

    Have you looked at the council planning permission site? See if it lists an application to convert?

    What is your end result you want? Move out? Not pay CT? Drop your LL in trouble?
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    You were probably paying Council Tax because the property in which you were living had its own CT band and you were thus liable. Paradoxically, providing there is a self contained dwelling a CT band can be applied irrespective of the "legality" of the dwelling.

    Only by asking the council's planning dept, would you find out if a conversion had been carried out with planning approval. Depending on when a conversion was done, it is quite possible that there is no longer any record of planning permission being applied for or granted.
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