Best way to buy a lot of booze!?

We're getting married next summer and supplying all the booze.

There are only 23 of us but its for an entire weekend and I'm just wondering
1: How much booze we will need?
2: Whats the cheapest way to buy it?

I'm planning on buying 2 cases of champagne, 4 of Prosecco and two cases each of red, white and rose wine - do you think this will be enough for a formal sit down meal, canap!s & toasts and the rest of the weekend?

Not sure about beer, lager, Guiness, cider etc - how much should I get and what's the cheapest way to get it?

I was going to wait til Xmas when all the supermarkets have sales on, but am I better with an online retailer or somewhere like Majest ic?

Thanks in advance


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    What sort of drinkers are the people who are attending?

    For the weekend (so I assume Friday, Saturday & Sunday) even the wine you've listed would send me into a drunken coma let alone the thought of beer etc

    What do people like drinking? Are they wine drinkers, beer drinkers or spirit drinkers as surely that will determine what quanities of what are bought?
  • I would wait until just before the wedding. Most supermarkets have deals on then and any that is left over you can then return.

    We bought Aldi Magnums of prosecco for our wedding and they were cheaper than our venue was able to source wholesale (they were happy to do it at cost for us).

    I would look at what the people coming like to drink. For example we know our family and friends prefer prosecco and beer to red/white wine.... so that's what we had on our tables!
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    Assuming a case is 12 bottles

    2 cases of champers = 24 bottles = 144 glasses (125ml serving)
    4 cases of prosecco = 48 bottles = 288 glasses (125ml)
    2 cases each of red/white/rose = 72 bottles = 216 glasses (large 250ml) or 432 glasses (small 125ml)

    = potentially 864 glasses of wine = 15 or 16 glasses per person

    Definitely enough wine! If your cases are 6's then obviously half the above numbers which is alright if there's beer etc. too.

    Some companies (e.g. Waitrose Cellar) offer free returns on wine orders, so if you end up ordering too much you can return the unopened bottles within 28 days of your order. Even if you're buying from a supermarket, you can often return to store within 30 days for a refund.

    So I guess it depends on whether you spot any good deals and want to stock up early, or happy to wait and order with the option to get your money back on stuff that isn't used.
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    honestly for beer, I would go to a local brewery, there is tons around. they usually supply a tapped keg for about £120. you get like 80 pints or something out of it. Massively good value and you get a nice beer into the bargain for it. plus its awesome fun pulling your own beer out of the keg :-)
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    Thanks so much for all the replies - especially for working out the actual quantities!

    I didn't think of a brewery but we have some good ones locally so will check them out.

    Will also try Waitrose Cellar - didn't know about them. Or about the sale or return, I feel a bit more prepared now!
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    Don't forget to to hire the wine glasses / pint glasses etc

    Oh and get some soft drinks too
  • We are buying our own wine for our wedding so I have been looking into this. Sainsburys regularly do a 25% off if you buy 6 bottles. I think the deal has just finished but they seem to do it a few times a year. My parents have also offered thier nectar points and we have quite a few so another way to save!

    I have also been told that there are deals where if you spend a certain amount in Calais they pay for your ferry crossing.
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