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Anyone else had the offer for this? I think it's only in selected areas at the moment.

I tried it on Friday - very impressive.

I wouldn't have bothered had it not been half-price with free delivery, and my initial reaction was that I wouldn't use it again because I can't justify paying £5 to have things brought to me when the actual shop is down the road...

But thinking about it, the "rapid" element, together with the low minimum order value (£10) actually puts it more in the sphere of a pizza delivery than a grocery shop. When you've had a lousy day, don't want to go back out, and are prepared to splash out twenty quid for something a bit nicer than whatever money-saving ordinary stuff is in your fridge, instead of buying one pizza (which is about all you'll get for £20 round here if it's not Tuesday) you could get a bag of Waitrose stuff for the same money (£15+£5). Always assuming you're not literally too tired to even put something in the oven. So I might end up doing it again even at full price.

The service was much better than any other online supermarket delivery I've had, too. Turned up in less than an hour (obviously that's what you're paying the premium for) and I didn't feel like he wanted me to hurry up so he could get to the next one. And nice long dates on all the fresh stuff.

p.s. Sorry if I sound like a fanboy. You can check my posting history to see that since they stopped the PYO offers I've been slating them for their unimpressive "£4 off £40" vouchers, so this just balances the scales really. :)
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