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Incident abroad

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Hi, I'm looking for some advice please. Cut a long story short I went to egypt last year and when I popped to the toilet I was inappropriately touched by a cleaner I reported it to the hotel the next day and the guy got sacked. I tried to get on with my life afterwards but I recently went on holiday again and was too scared to go to toilet etc on my own and it ruined my holiday.. I should never of let it go last year and taken it further but is there anyway I could now put a claim in for this as deep down it does still effect me? Sorry if this isn't the right place to be asking this question


  • Caz3121Caz3121
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    was there a police report made at the time?
    have you had any help from your doctor?
  • leylandsunaddictleylandsunaddict
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    Sorry to hear about your experience. I had something similar happen about 14 years ago. What I don't understand is how would making a claim help you get over it?

    Have you sought any help? Counselling, CBT etc?
  • suejb2suejb2
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    Unless you’re going to use the compensation money on therapy why are you seeking it?
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  • Who do you think you have a claim against ?

    See your GP and get some help to get over it.
  • Chyna-sChyna-s
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  • _shel_shel
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    Claim against who? Do you have this employees details to sue him?
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  • mattyprice4004mattyprice4004
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    Your word against theirs, not a chance.
    Should have reported it to the police and taken it further back then - sorry!
  • jonesMUFCforeverjonesMUFCforever
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    Did the hotel not report it to the police before dismissing the staff member?
    Did they really sack them just on your word?
    Would they send you a report confirming this?
    You could get an initial interview with a solicitor to see if you have a case - but on what you have written IMO you stand little chance of getting anything.
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  • Thinking like this will just prolong your recovery, you said you reported it the next day, why not when it happened? If you are still suffering after all this time you must have been upset when it happened so why didn't you report it then?
    Have you not been to the toilet on your own since or are you only scared on holiday?
    I very much doubt you will get any where with this let it go.....
  • ttolittoli
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    You would need to engage a solicitor in Egypt but without a police report being created at the time of the alledged incident, you have nothing to go on.
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