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Hi, I’m new to the site so hope I’m putting this in the right place! We moved house just over a year ago, and have just received a letter from the solicitor who did both our house sale and purchase saying when they sent ya a cheque for the remaining balance after the house sale, they miscalculated and never deducted the stamp duty fees, and we therefore owe them £618!!!

I’m just wondering if anyone knows where we stand on paying this back, as surely it’s their error, and also they’ve waited over a year to bring it to our attention!!

Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance


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    Not sure why you on this board can ask them why it wasn't settled at the time but ultimately it is your liability.
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    They have 6 years to chase it, so they well within time limits.

    If you can't afford it in one go, speak to them about paying in installments, but I try to get it paid as soon as possible.
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    Jensav wrote: »
    Hi, I’m new to the site so hope I’m putting this in the right place!

    Well no, since this is for PPI and insurances !!
    You could post on the house buying and renting forum but I'll tell you now what the answer will be, its a debt and you owe it.

    I bet you'd be screaming blue murder if the position was reversed, the solicitor had underpaid you and they said "nyah nyah a years elapsed and tough luck we're keeping it".

    You can always plead poverty and ask to pay it in installments with something off for the inconvenience (.... of having £618 for free for a year)
  • My mistake, I’m new! Just saw it said “mortgage fees” so thought it was the correct forum
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