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High Income Child Benefit Charge

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  • Hi - I emailed them (with all the disclaimed stuff about using emails) and sent them the tax information from 2013 - from what I have read they will ask for this and I was fortunate that I have my P60's to hand.

    They have responded and double checked what I have put and reduced the figure I thought I owed taking into account pension contributions I have made. I have had to fill in a form about why I didn't tell them and if I had reasonable cause etc - they emailed me back yesterday and confirmed I don't have to pay a fine for not telling them. I just said that I genuinely did not know.

    I am now waiting for a letter confirming what I owe and they said there will be a telephone number for the time to pay department.

    I have also filled in a form on their website stopping the benefit as well.

    To be fair when I have rung them they are really helpful and the man even apologised to me :rotfl:
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    I spoke to HMRC today. The guy was relatively helpful (after I’d been passed between 4 different departments including a premium rate phone number) although he did spend quite a bit of time on the call reading to me from the website.
    I am now registered for submitting tax returns retrospectively for 4 years.

    I made clear to him that neither I nor my wife have ever received any correspondence from HMRC about this charge, which he said is not normal. He suggested that if HMRC try to charge a late payment fine and/or interest then I should appeal it because I was unaware of the charge.

    @julia817 - yes I think all those things do count towards reducing the amount you my need liable to repay. A colleague recommended to me paying a few hundred quid to an accountant to fill in the tax returns if you’re not used to it (I’m not as have always been employed and PAYE).
  • Hi all,
    We also received this letter a few days ago and never knew of this charge :(

    It seems we owe a few years worth, especially as benefits from work are included too. Could anyone please tell me how it all needs paid back, for the current tax year and for the previous years?

    We have very little disposable income and i am hoping it can all be paid back gradually over a period of time otherwise we are stuffed!

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    I’m not sure yet @spaceman2009 as haven’t received my own bill yet. However, I am told by an accountant friend that normally HMRC initially bills you for the full amount pretty quickly. But you can then appeal against the length of time. Part of HMRC’s remit is avoiding ppl getting into debt (ironic in this case), which means they don’t really want people taking out loans to repay tax owed. Therefore you can negotiate longer payment terms I believe. Especially since this is their fault for not telling people about this high income charge sooner.
  • Hi - I have been on to them this morning about this as I've been told I need to pay by 30/11. They've told me that I have to complete the 18/19 self assessment on line before they will even discuss a payment plan with me.

    My accountant friend has said that they will ask a few questions about why you cannot afford it and then let you set a payment plan up and as long as you stick to it they are ok, but if you don't they come down on you quite heavily.

    I will update when I finally get somewhere - have just signed up for self assessment and asked for a code, slowly getting there!
  • Great thanks for your reply. I hope it’s a longish payment plan, very nervous about how much it will come to. So annoyed that they only bothered to let us know now, we could have stopped it a lot sooner and saved the stress. They are a law until themselves and it’s always our problem no theirs 😡
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    Bizarrely I have now just had a letter through the door today from HMRC - it seems to be a generic one. Summary is "have you heard of the high income CB charge?" and asks me to notify them if I think I may be liable to pay it. This is despite me having phoned HMRC 3 weeks ago to tell them I might be liable for it and them agreeing to set me up for self assessment - I've received nothing related to that at all. Their admin seems to be completely chaotic on this issue. What's more the letter is addressed to my mum, who's never lived at my address and only has one child who is nearly 40!
  • Yes that sound about right! I think they have realised they’ve done a very poor job of informing people and are probably getting a lot of stick for it. It would have been nice to be informed a lot earlier by letter! Funny about the letter addressed to your mum, as you say very chaotic..
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    If you file your 2018:19 Self Assessment return by 30 December 2019 and owe less than £3,000 for that tax year and are still employed in a good paying job then you shouldn't need to pay the amount due for 2018:19 now.

    You can have whatever is owed for 2018:19 included in your 2020:21 tax code, effectively a 14 month long interest free loan.
  • Thanks that’s really helpful info. A little less pressure it all helps 👍
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