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Sealed Pot Challenge!!

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  • I've been doing this for the last few months. I've got one of the sealed metal cans. I empty my purse out about once amonth and put everything under 20p in there. I've got 2 tins, it will be interesting to see how long they take to fill.

    Filled a glass demi john years ago and there was nearly £300 in it when it was emptied. Used the money to buy a puppy. He is now 6 and it was the best £250 ever saved for and spent.
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  • :j count me in too :j

    been pondering "what" i can put in as im saving allsorts already.... finally think I have the answer;)

    We are heading to the UK for xmas/new year and whilst there i am going to be stock piling:-
    head n shoulders
    bread flour
    bisto gravy granules
    tea bags
    lamb oxo cubes
    weetabix..hmmm think thats all i have thought of for now ;) -as these things are the few items that i can't find decent alternatives too out here.. and things like the nescafe work out at about £4.50 for a 200g jar :eek:
    and hubbies head n shoulders is about £5.25 a bottle...
    so i will bring loads back and then every time i take something from the "store" i will put how much it would cost for me to buy it here in my tin.. should build up quite a nice amount..and if i get anything "whoopsied" here i will put the difference in the tin too :j

    another savings challenge ..yippeee:D
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  • skint_spiceskint_spice Forumite
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    Hi, count me in too, no posh terramundi though just a tin from the pound shop. I'm going to try and put some of the leftover money from each weeks budget in as well as change.
  • Hello again...

    just thought of another way I can squirrel away more :j ... i will be growing lots of salad n veggies this summer (allready have my tubs, compost and seeds) once i start to harvest stuff from my tubs -I will put 5euros a week into the tin, as i would be spending more than that on greens a week..

    every little helps :D

    Don't I get excited easily :rotfl:
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  • babes21babes21 Forumite
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    I'll join in too please :D.

    I have almost £30 saved in my large pink piggy bank from Clintons, think it was £12.99. It just as a stopper at the bottom, although could be covered in brown parcel tape if needs be :D.

    I'm going on holiday next August/September, so may have to open it around then, although will still carry on saving throughout.

    Great thread :).
  • I have a 1 litre (Empty) vodka bottle that I am filling at the moment with 5p pieces. Will open when I go on holiday in November 2008.


  • mumzyof2mumzyof2 Forumite
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    im so happy people are joining in.
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  • EverTheOptimistEverTheOptimist Forumite
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    Hi, this is the first time I have posted, but have been reading the DFW threads for a while now. Decided to post cos i think this is great idea for a challenge, it's definitely something that will keep me motivated to save, as I'm quite a competitive person and i think trying to keep up with some of you guys, (who I think are amazing and completely non-judgemental ) will be great motivation for me. And not being able to keep track of it until dec 1st next year will be hard, but so much fun. Just need to find myself a sealed tin now - no cheating! C x
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  • I'd like to join too please? Will use my wisky bottle for challenge and I might try and get a terramundi as my leaving present from work. Have been offered a better job and will be relocating in early 2008 so this may make me save towards a holiday rather than on house etc when I get one I hope next year.

    Will count the money I already have in the bottle next week (only a few £££) and start again on 1st.
  • x_raphael_xxx_raphael_xx Forumite
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    I want one soooo much BulletWeep_A.gif

    My brother is buying one for my xmas present (I hope, if I don't get one he's in trouble!)

    I will join in this challenge too, I don't use cash very often, so don't usually have change. Although I've got a good thing going at work, all my collegues hand over their small change to me :D they don't seem to want to carry it in their wallets/purses. Who am I to say no?

    I have some pennies saved already, but will start afresh from the 1st of Dec, that way I can make sure of the correct total next year. I think I will use the cash for something nice for me next xmas, not sure what yet thou.
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