Basic cheap sewing machine for beginners new business

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can anyone advise a good starter for a newbie?



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    Can't you sew the hat by hand right sides together so the seam is on the inside...? Or incorporate a visible seam into the design?

    You can get cheap/secondhand sewing machines from Aldi, Hobbycraft, Facebook marketplace etc, depends on how much you're willing to spend. Also, if what you're trying to sew is on a small scale a sewing machine probably won't be much help anyway - fiddlier than doing it by hand.

    Not quite sure this is the right forum for your question tbh, a craft/handmade business forum might be more helpful for you.

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    Daveym79 wrote: »
    I make little figures on the side that people have said I should actually start selling as they seem to think there could be a market for them. The issue is the figures have little hats similar to a wolly beanie hat and so far I stitch them myself from left over stretchable polyester fabric. It really is a basic stitch with thread showing the outside as opposed to a real hat with it hidden. This part is fine but it's just the rough nature of the stitching. For me to take this to the next level I would really need to thread using a sewing machine but i cant say if its going to take off therefore don't want anything pricey. Someone mentioned about a handheld machine but not sure if these are suitable and if any good. All basic machines going on reviews online have real flaws but they might be acceptable for just stitching a little hat.

    Could anyone recommend anything suitable for the sole purpose of a doll/figurine hat.


    I would not be spending any money yet on a machine before knowing that your friends are not just being polite. It is easy to fall for the 'oh you really ought to sell these' comments, the real test is taking a stall at a fair, or perhaps setting up on facebook marketplace and actually seeing if they do sell.

    If you do have a market that makes you money, then I echo the advice above to find a craft style forum, and get advice based on your exact needs.
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