Online business: Can Paypal create PDF receipts or invoices for online purchases, automatically?


My husband wants to start an online business selling instantly downloadable products.

He is thinking of using Paypal to collect payments.

Is Paypal a "legally compliant" way to do so?

Does Paypal create digital (pdf) receipts or invoices for every purchase, automatically?

This pdf would need to have all the necessary info of the transaction, in case the tax authorities need to check something. For example, buyer and seller full name, physical address, VAT id, etc...

I'm not talking about doing all this manually for each sale, as it would defeat the very purpose of having a (somewhat) automated online business. :-)

My husband does have a Paypal account, but couldn't find a relevant setting (if it exists).

Can you help please?

Thank you!


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    Many companies use PayPal to collect payments, even larger companies.

    I wouldve thought they would have something to generate invoices.

    Is there not a part of the forum dedicated to new business start ups?
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