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Le Creuset Dupes back at Aldi

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Le Creuset Dupes back at Aldi

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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comedyseeker123comedyseeker123 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
As per the title the dupes are back at Aldi.

Love them or leave them?


  • VfM4meplseVfM4meplse PPR
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    Definitely a good product vs the overpriced Le Creuset, and selling like billy-o right now! I would imagine it would be tempting to get the set.

    BUT be careful that your kitchen cabinets are adequately built to take the weight of anything cast iron before investing.

    "No man is worth, crawling on the earth"- adapted from Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio

    Hope is not a strategy :D...A child is for life, not just 18 years....Don't get me started on the NHS, because you won't win...I love chaz-ing!
  • thriftwizardthriftwizard Forumite
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    I have no idea what make it is, but I have a LC lookalike square ridged frying pan in purple & it's brilliant, just as good as the smaller LC one I passed on to my niece. But it doesn't half clash with the Volcanic Flame orange pots & pans!
    Angie ;)

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Thats the problem with cast iron ,their weight I had to give mine away as I just had so much trouble actually lifting them and when full of hot food even more difficult.Brilliant though I had mine for years and bought them when my late brother was alive and living in France. Sadly both he and my Le Creuset are all gone now.
    JackieO x
  • DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    Worth buying one as a standby present - to yourself if you can lift it & to the hungry young who will have decades of appreciative use if not.
  • csarina2csarina2 Forumite
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    I love the iron pans had Le Creuset for a long number of years, loved them because some of them could go either on the hob or in the oven. Unfortunately my hands and wrists just could not cope with the weight, so my DD2 has them now......loves them.

    Bright morning OH is out putting preservative on the shed, nice breeze.

    I have just discovered that the painkillers my GP has given me for my back are Co Codamol and addictive, They are in a bag to go to the chemist to be destroyed. I am certain its those that are making me so lethargic, so I will put up with the pain. No more for me.

    DD2 is bringing baby Ella over to see us this afternoon, so pick everything up off the floor or at baby height, she is mobile...........

    Smoked haddock and poached egg for supper tonight. Picked up 6 wholemeal rolls yesterday, so pork and apple sauce rolls for lunch.
    Target figure £5000/£2852.59.......
  • For anyone who's interested Middle of Lidl are doing their version from Thursday 19th Sept.
  • bsuijebsuije Forumite
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    Thanks OP! :beer:

    I ordered the small casserole and the saucepan in red to match my existing bigger Le Creuset.

    The saucepan is a bit smaller than expected, so I'll take that back, but the small (20cm) casserole is a perfect size and looks very good. Here's to (hopefully!) many years of happy cast iron cooking! :T
  • MSE_Laura_FMSE_Laura_F MSE Staff
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    I bought a cast iron skillet (£14.99) and cast iron roaster (£19.99) at the weekend. There was plenty of stock in the South Norwood Aldi and the available colours were grey, red and blue.
  • There are a lot of cast iron cookware out there at various price points. My experience though after two decades is that quality and price are interlinked. Casting iron for cooking is a specialist industry. The beauty of good cast iron cookware is the even heat throughout the pan. You don't get that from cheaper version with hot spots which tend to burn.

    In this case I've found le Creuset (and a few others) the only choice for cast iron. Cheaper versions like Linea just don't do the job well though yes... they look good.

    Here's a top tip. About half my le Creuset I've bought of eBay second hand. I've got vintage never used pieces for at least half price, sometimes less.
  • TerronTerron Forumite
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    csarina2 wrote: »
    I have just discovered that the painkillers my GP has given me for my back are Co Codamol and addictive, They are in a bag to go to the chemist to be destroyed. I am certain its those that are making me so lethargic, so I will put up with the pain. No more for me.

    Drowsiness is a side effect of co-codamol. I get it. Since the main reason I needed them was that the pain was stopping me from sleeping it was actually good for me, I would only take one just before going to bed and it would get me 4 hours of so of sleep. Eventually my leg (mostly) healed and I stopped taking them.

    Since I could stop without side effects I wasn't addicted. I have used them again since that first time, when having a tooth implant. Again I only used them at night and relied on ibuprofen during the day.
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