Memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses

Hi all. Would be most grateful for any opinions or advice on a few issues surrounding a new mattress.

The wife and I are looking at getting a new bed. We're of the opinion that a bed is something you shouldn't scrimp on in terms of how much you spend, so we're looking at the "better" types of mattress.

A bit of pre-shopping research suggested the two best types are pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam mattresses. In the shop, the ones that caught our eye and that we found most comfortable were a hybrid of the two i.e. mainly pocket sprung, but with a top layer of memory foam.

We've seen one that we want and I was going to phone back tomorrow and order it. However, since then I've read a few less than favourable things online about memory foam mattresses. A fair few reports say that they make you sweat a lot more at night. Also, a few people have said that sex in them is much harder work because of the lack of springs!!!

So I wondered if anyone had any personal experience of memory foam mattresses and what your thoughts were? Would you reccommend them?

Also, I was a little unclear on whether the sweating and lack of bounce issues applied to the hybrid mattresses like I've been looking at - or whether they only apply to the pure memory foam ones?

Thanks in advance. :beer:


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    Yes, memory foam is hot compare to sprung.
    I am OK with it except those hottest day in summer.

    But i have a few friends (usually men) can't stand it.
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    A few year ago I bought two expensive mattresses a Tempur memory foam one and a pocket sprung.
    They are both very comfortable and I alternate between them.
    On balance I prefer the pocket sprung. With the Tempur one you sink into the mattress as it molds to your shape, whilst this feels comfortable it is difficult to turn over as you are effectively lying in a hollow and, as said, it can be too warm in the summer since much more of the mattress is in contact with your body.
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    I had a spring/memory faom hybrid past few years -was amazingly comfy though eventually went one sided effect.
    End Sept I have pocket sprung arriving from Dreams -hopefully this new medium mattress suffices.
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    We bought a Simba memory foam mattress and it came with 100 day free trial, if you dont get on with it, they collect it for free, refund you and I think donate it to a charity. We kept it though, it is firm, very supportive but we love it, highly recommend one.

    Think a lot of the Eve/Simba are all the same but rebranded, but we love ours.
    Was also handy as we wanted a superking size 6ft wide and would of struggled to get a std sprng mattress up around out staircase
    Kitchen project - Apologies in advance for all the questions! 
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