Do you Sell Anything on Etsy/Online?

Does anyone sell their stuff on Etsy?

Does ANYONE sell anything online?

I was thinking about selling my stuff on there but I feel like it's over-saturated.
There are just so many products out there I don't know how an earth people are going to find my customised stationery.
Is there any other way/method/platform I am visible on that I can sell on/reach the right audience? It's illustrative/graphicy designed products like planners etc

Advice needed, please

Thanks :)


  • eBay
    Facebook Marketplace
  • soolin
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    Lots of us sell online, mainly eBay or Amazon have a look at the dedicated board (see my signature).

    I have used etsy on and off but find it expensive for the number of sales I got .
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  • Chloe_G
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    Have you tried POD sites? I sell on Zazzle.
  • Ive never heard of Zazzle!! Whats a POD ??
    What do you sell on there??
    Need to do some googling Thanks Chloe :) !!
  • Chloe_G
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    Hi League of Wolf,
    POD is a print on demand site. You will not get rich off them but your only loss will be time! You have your own 'shop' on Zazzle who will handle all the sales, products, delivery and you get a commission when one of your designs sell. (Small commission!) There are several POD sites such as Society 6, Redbubble etc.
    I enjoy putting my designs on Zazzle and it's better than nothing! The other designers on the Zazzle forum are really supportive.
    Good luck!
  • I sell frequently through Depop and Vinted - Both phone apps. I find these apps to be the best out of the lot including Schpok or Ebay.

    I started Depop years before I started to buy and sell so I already had a good rating, But ever since i`ve been doing B&S my rating has exploded and I more or less have a sale or two every week, That is only on Depop though.

    Vinted I find a little harder, I think that`s down to me because I don`t like the look of the site.

    Last year I made a lot of money through Depop but that was only through constant plugging etc. If you have a low rating sales won`t be as frequent.

    I mainly do this as a third income (I have a first and a second income) to pay off things like debts, loans, bills etc or even save up for a holiday.
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  • lindens
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    I found Etsy hard work to keep ticking over - as in I had to promote constantly everywhere. I sold very little too.
    I find Ebay better and have sold much more
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  • I've only recently started purchasing gifts from Etsy but have found it to be a great platform. Personalisation is the main selling point for me. My sister sells those decorative table bottle lights, which are pretty common now but if you add a bit of a spin on it you'll definitely sell some. One person ordered 40 for a wedding, it was hilarious watching her package it up.
  • Yep I sell on Etsy through my shop Teeny Tiny Pocket World. Its going OK ish. I was thinking of also starting folksy.
  • Deru
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    I mostly sell on eBay, a bit on Amazon and even done Shpock.

    For custom stuff, Etsy seems to be the way but you might as well try eBay for a wider audience.

    I've never sold on Etsy but I know someone who does okay on there selling hand painted Dinosaur bone tee-shirts.
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