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  • Wow, Martin - busy times! Remember you are allowed to say no to things, or maybe postpone them, if you need to. I hope you have a very relaxing and refreshing Christmas, and start January with oodles of energy!
  • Good luck with the song - it's really catchy and I've plastered it all over my Facebook profile as well as emailed all my friends.

    You do sound busy in January so make sure you have a restful December, the calm before the storm... hang in there.
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    Martin, you can classify every task as either "important" or "unimportant" and "urgent" or "not urgent".

    This gives four possiblilities and four methods of dealing with them, aka, "the four D's".

    Important & urgent: Do.
    Unimportant & urgent: Delegate.
    Important & not urgent: Defer.
    Unimportant & not urgent: Dump.
    The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in my life. :)
  • :mad: I do realise that some peoples lives are not as fortunate as others and some people are forced into debt by health or their job but what about those of us that are more frugal. What’s the point? It seems to me that its OK to spend like you have the assets of Goldfinger then when it all falls apart claim for bankruptcy or claim your bank charges back or claim your bank charges back then sing a naff song about claiming your charges back. The tune sounds like an old Clash hit but with overtones of a Halifax advert. It would probably get to number one if sung by Howard Brown from the Halifax adverts. The song goes something like "I Fought the Law and the Law Won" well I do hope the banks win. Irresponsible spending may be promoted by the banks but is that not like saying the corner shop is promoting smoking because they sell cigarettes. A chap at work is reclaiming £15000 of banking and credit card fees through irresponsible spending partying, living it up and generally having a good time. What a laugh this chap is having and others like him. Spending like “Loads-a-Money” realising that its not actually your money and expecting to borrow it for free by reclaiming the fees.

    Say goodbye to free banking!:mad:
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    Wow Martin, you're a busy man! I'm always impessed with the amount of work you put in an we do really appreciate it. I remember reading a while ago a 'typical' ML day and I thought *phew*. But (and I know in my case it's a bit of pot and kettle) you do need to look after yourself :naughty: Remember, if you're not well, you won't be able to do ANY of those things!

    I hope you have a relaxing and happy Christmas.

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    Woah thats some workload. Hope all goes to plan I look forward to watching/listening/reading some of the list in the new year. Dont make yourself ill though.
    May 2013 new beginnings:j
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    it's great how you are doing so much to make as many people aware about money management and saving......
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  • Not scary for me - I'm 40 on the 16th :j :j :j :j
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  • Wow Martin. Don't get yourself ill!!
  • Good luck with the work load Martin - sounds like you'll need it!
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