BW Legal chasing a payday loan from 2013

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  • Why would being out of the country mean that you didn’t take the loan out?
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    OP, go to the Parking board on MSE - BW Legal are used by the private parking companies (PPCs) to issue automatic court claims ("robo claims") for parking charge notices (PCNs) and are very incompetent at even basic court process compliance.
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    swiftzy wrote: »
    So I am looking at my defence being 1. time barred, 2. i was not in the country, 3. there is no signature on the agreement

    If this was me, or i suspect anyone that didn't take a loan out, my first defence point would be "I didnt take this loan out" rather than evasive and careful wording regards not remembering, being out of the country etc.
    Fess up , did you actually take it out and are looking for a way not to pay rather than pretending you didn't, when in fact you did?
    Was the money paid into your bank account? IF it wasn't you should also be raising a notice with the police, albeit tardily, that theres been identity fraud against you. In which case, do you have an idea as to who it was - previous partner perhaps or lodger?
  • If they are chasing around £800, they would probably accept £400 as full and final settlement. For this amount perhaps best just to pay and get it out of the way.
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