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After 7 months and 3 postponements by hmrc i have finally been made bankrupt, had a call from someone yesterday and have been asked to attend an interview in person, he advised it would take approx 3 hours, really nervous now as i thought it would be over the phone, worried it will end up as an interogation, will i be expected to sign any ipa there and then or can i leave and send it in when i can get someone to look at it, i am sure there will be lots more questions in the next few days


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    The face to face interview is due to this being a creditors petition and that you were running a business (presumably?).

    You absolutely do not have to sign an immediate IPA proposal, you are allowed time to consider it, and indeed you don't ever have to sign one if you don't want to.

    If you put up your SOA on here we can have a look at it and give our suggestions.

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    I submitted my own bankruptcy application and had to attend a face to face interview.

    Don't worry too much about it. Mine only lasted about 45 mins. I sent the OR a letter explaining background to bankruptcy, my own personal circumstances and reams of relevant documents by email before the meeting. Made his job and the interview itself easier.

    They ask some basic questions and go through your situation generally. Mine talked about possibility of IPA but they will not try and get you to sign something there and then. They will follow up with an income and expenditure questionnaire and probably have some further specific questions arsing out of your interview and associated paperwork. My questionnaire came 2-3 months after my interview. I sent it back and about a month later had a few further questions. That is where I am at the moment with it.
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    Creditor petitions tend to be face to face by default, so don't worry.
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    Thanks for the replies, cant help but worry, he has asked for 12 months of bank statements which i have emailed and said he would be in touch to let me know what other documents he will want me to bring, which is a worry as it is a lack of documentation that got me into this mess in the first place
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    Just recieved a letter today with a load of forms to sign and a very large finacial questionaire, It all looks so daunting is there anywhere i can go to get help with filling it in as i am so worried i will fill it in wrong and am unsure what to put where as the form doesnt look anything like the soa forms i see on here, from what i have seen they want to know my wifes income but doesnt want to know whether she has her own expenses aswell
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    The booklet looks daunting at first but just ask questions on here if there is anything you don’t understand.

    You don’t have to declare your wife’s income but if you earn more than she does then it’s in your favour to do so. You will be allocated a higher proportion of the household bills and will be less likely to have surplus income for an IPA. If she earns more than you then don’t put her income and put 50% of all the household expenses on the form. If you don’t declare her income then make sure there’s no way of the OR finding out such as her paying it into your account or a joint account!
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