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Hi, I am 8 months into a dro, I knew at some point after my dro that my circumstances may change dramatically with an inheritance, that would not happen till after my dro had finished

My ex wife is now claiming that my dro could be deemed fraudulent because my circumstance may change after a few months after the Dro ends

Am I correct in saying that my dro is based on my current situation and not what may happen in the future?

This is pretty worrying for me so any advice would be appreciated

Thank you


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    Ignore the jobsworth.

    In the 12th month, I got a serious paying job of 16.5k (ooh it seemed like a lot of money to me back then in 2013) as opposed to the 12k and less received in the many years lead up to DRO.

    When the 15 month memorandum period finished, I had just been made redundant three months into new job.

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    What might happen is of no consequence whatsoever, until it does happen.
    Once your 12 month monotorium period is up, it won`t matter a jot.

    A change of circumstance is not fraudulent, its called life, ignore people who don`t know what they are talking about.
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    "Contingent Asset" seems to cover it.
    Contingent Asset

    A contingent asset is a potential asset that may arise because of a future event that is not under an entity's control. e.g. a debtor may have a contingent asset if they are owed or due any money such as PPI which they are unaware of.

    If a debtor’s interest in a contingent asset crystalizes during the moratorium period this must be reported to the Official Receiver and may lead to revocation.

    The only wrinkle I can see if whether the event you are referring to is within your control or not.

    This may seem like an odd suggestion, but it may pay you to get your ex- to report the matter to the IS. There may be an investigation and you can demonstrate events not being within your control. Matter is sorted and the complainant silenced. You can rest easy.

    At the moment, you are spending your evening worrying about it, rather than getting it dealt with.
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    Basically, my parents own a house that my ex wife rents from them, the house would have always been my inheritance, albeit an early inheritance, my parents have decided they will be asking ex wife to quit the house next year when the house will become mine, this will possibly be happening around June next year, my dro finishes in January
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    But for all your ex-wife's crystal ball knows, your parents could one day be upset that you put too many sugars in your mum's cup of tea and decide not to gift you the house. Could you ask her for the lottery numbers while you are dealing with her? :D
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    Mrtoast wrote: »
    my parents have decided they will be asking ex wife to quit the house next year when the house will become mine

    Hell hath no fury like an ex-wife

    get your parents just to evict her and her broomstick
    Dont worry, be happy
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