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Hello All

Not sure if this is the right board or the Mortgages one would be better, but here goes.

I moved in to my rental property about 18 months ago and as part of the move I changed electricity suppliers to the best deal I could find in the market.

However for the first 1 month or so after i moved in, that the property was with the old supplier, it built up a balance of GBP 20 which I never knew about or paid. Suddenly this balance is showing up on my credit report this month as being outstanding and I immediately contacted the company and paid it off (don't know why it took 18 months to appear on my report).

My question is how much impact would this have on a Mortgage application I am planning on making in a year or so (given these things last 6 years). I otherwise have a pretty clean record. Credit cards and all other utilities all paid in full each month and have never had any other debt at all. Deposit size will be c10% - 12%

Appreciate that each lender is different but wanted to know other things being equal how worried should I be with this.

P.S After conducting inquiries and looking at past bills I am confident the debt was legit, so don't want to spend time disputing that.


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