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Poor paint finish on popular EV vehicle - help?

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Poor paint finish on popular EV vehicle - help?

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dysuckerdysucker Forumite
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I won't name manufacturers, but it'll probably be obvious...

I recently bought a brand new car from a popular EV manufacturer, and noticed issues with the paint straight away, they took note and said I just needed to book an appointment and get them fixed at a later date, signed for the car, and drove off.

After days of rain, we finally had a day of sunshine, and I got a proper look at the car - the finish is terrible, inclusions all over the place, and a poor finish that gets progressively worse towards the rear of the vehicle. Found a number of other minor issues, but the main one is the whole car has an awful and uneven paint finish.

I wasn't able to contact them directly, so drove to their head office delivery facility in the UK and demanded I speak to somebody, they took a look at the car, initially offered another car which they later retracted a few minutes later, and offered me either a full respray of the car, or return the car for a refund, I elected the former. They said it'd take around 2 weeks for a respray.

Took it in today, and received a fairly nonchalant fellow who noted the issues with the car, and I stated I was offered a full respray by HQ, he didn't seem too bothered by that, and stated their own paint technician will take a look after cleaning the car to make an assessment.

Not 9 hours later, they text me to say my car will be ready to collect tomorrow.

I know enough about resprays to know that even a minor panel respray will take at least a couple days, so for this to come to this is pretty unacceptable and also a waste of time.

I will go through their circus, but what are my rights?

I've read that since I've paid a portion of the cost on my credit card (their reservation fee forms part of the final cost of the car, which is paid by credit card), I may be able to use a Section 75 refund.

Before I do that, I'm going to get the car assessed by a coach works I've used in the past to get a professional and impartial assessment of the paint finish, and to get a price for a full respray.

The idea is to then give that back to the manufacturer and ask them to either perform the respray they offered, or pay the cost for my preferred local coach works to take up the job, if that fails, use Section 75 to cover the cost.

Is that a reasonable course of action? What stumbling blocks might I expect?

I might add this company is known for its very poor paint finish that falls well below standards for the cost of their cars, so I'm surprised a consumer group hasn't taken it up on behalf of the owners, there will be a lot of them by now.


  • worried_jimworried_jim
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    Not Tesla's finest hour then.
  • CardinalWolseyCardinalWolsey Forumite
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    If it is a Tesla, and all Tesla's are priced in excess of £30,000, a Section 75 claim would not be an available route to you. Note that the small claims track via MCOL would not be available either, as the limit for that is £10,000 (should you wish to reject the car), however you could use that route to claim for a full respray elsewhere (if the car is still unsatisfactory after their one and only attempt they are allowed before you can reject).
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    TonyMMMTonyMMM Forumite
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    They will have done an aggressive mop/polish on it.

    I would simply say - has it had a full respray as was agreed ? (obviously not)

    When they say no, then don't accept the car and refuse to drive it away.

    But I would expect them to now say that the fault you identified has been repaired and that they have met their obligations under consumer law.
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