Heated clothes airer

There are some posts about this but they are a bit old so thought I'd start a new one:

I have seen these:



There is also this which uses cold air but doesn't have good reviews: https://www.argos.co.uk/product/3139590

Alternatives are things like the JML DriBuddi or Lakeland airers but was hoping to spend less.

Anyone have experience? Do they actually dry clothes significantly faster than just a normal airer?


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    I have a Lakeland heated airer, it is more expensive than the Argos ones but fitted into my limited space so I bought it. It is fantastic and when it conked out they replaced it, no quibble , just before the three year guarantee expired. I would not be without it now. It is far less expensive to run than a tumble dryer, slower admittedly but I am never desperate for a clean towel or shirt.
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