Hi everyone

I have had an M and S Sparks card since the scheme started, for the first time I have received any offers and that's been the case for 10 days. I need to purchase a jacket but am reluctant to do so until I see my next offers.

Does anyone here have a Sparks card and if so have you received offers in the last ten days?

I'm wondering if it's a problem with my Sparks account or if they aren't issuing offers at the moment.

Thank you


  • Browntoa
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    I'm getting "we are working on new offers " for quite long periods now , and 99% are non food offers
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  • I emailed them to ask if there's a problem, I was told they were putting together my new offers and they would definitely be with me by Friday....still no offers. The last one I had was for ordering flowers online! No decent offers for nearly a month!! No wonder the company is in trouble.
  • Mansard
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    I have 40,000+ Sparks points and they're just as useless to me as having 0 Sparks points. Basically, you get 10% off whipped cream if you buy some strawberries, or 15% off pasta sauce if you buy fresh pasta. Then, after two weeks, the offers are refreshed... from food to clothing... then I get 20% off women's slippers or something else I've never bought and would never buy.

    Then I have to wait another two weeks for the next lot of food offers... which will be 15p off muffins in the bakery (like this week), or a few pence off bottles of water. Honestly, the Sparks loyalty system is probably the worst of them all.
  • pjran
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    I appreciate the SPARKS offers especially the 50% off sale previews. This week I’ve £5 off jeans and jeggings which I doubt I’ll use.
  • I agree the sale preview is good. I've had some good offers in the past, 20% off lots of clothing items, some ok food offers but recently no offers at all.

    I have 220,583 points, I shop a lot in Marks....well I did but I'm starting to look elsewhere. Their sizing has gone to pot, their stock levels are terrible and now no offers/incentives. It's a tough market in retail and M and S are not doing anything to help themselves.
  • redmalc
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    I also have in excess of 200,000 and as you appreciate shop a lot for clothes and food,a year ago we got lots of offers on clothes and food but just lately the offers are rare.
    I have noted if you don’t give them your Sparks card for a month or so the offers become more regular
  • Doc_N
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    The wife and I have accumulated around 30,000 points, but they're about as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

    M&S continues its downward spiral - at least so far as clothing's concerned - with ridiculously high prices and indifferent quality.

    The food's good, but again it's overpriced by comparison with Waitrose.

    But to cap it all, if you're unlucky enough to have any dealings with their so-called online 'customer service' you may well have a bit of a shock. I've never come across such an incredibly unhelpful bunch of people - probably accounted for by the fact that they're not even M&S employees at all. The 'service' is provided by the infamous Capita, who are about as skilled at customer service as Mr Bean.

    Just a question of time now before M&S suffers an even more major contraction than it has already - it's unsustainable as it is. I can see it ending up as a food only retailer. A shame, but for many years it's failed to move with the times and other much more efficient retailers.
  • I am also a sparks points collector and have been unenthused by the "offers" available of late.

    Worse still was my discovery a few weeks ago that by using your sparks card, one may also be depriving themselves financially!

    Recently, my sister (non sparks card holder) made a purchase and received a voucher for £5 off a next shop of over £35 or more. Low and behold my disgust when, later in the day, my shop was scanned (along with my card) and was issued a voucher for £5 off a next shop, but only after a spend of £50 or more.

    Come on M&S, at least give parity to loyal shoppers rather than 2 fingers up :(
  • redmalc
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    I have now worked the system out, my son and myself both have Sparks cards but my son does not shop at M&S.
    I use his card for a month and I receive a discount voucher £5 of £35 spend because my card is not being used and the following month I swap the cards and he gets the voucher on his card
  • Katiehound
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    Frankly doesn't seem to be too much of a loyalty scheme as far as I an concerned. I switched to M&S bank a couple of years ago and got the vouchers which I spent on food, accrued a few Sparks points- but they are worthless.
    Recently had feedback questionaire- which I did.
    Wouldn't mind giving what points I have to a charity!!
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