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Any advice regarding virgin mobile bill fraud/dispute

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Any advice regarding virgin mobile bill fraud/dispute

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Consumer Rights

Been with virgin mobile for years (convenience as sim free and stupid cheap.... leaving for sure after this).

I barely use my phone for anything.... had a random text last Friday saying I'm being cut off for going over my credit when I paid my bill a few days before which was weird. Called up 'customer service' and they said there are 4 calls to Thailand on there and charges of 150 quid. I was like what the heck?! Impossible because I know nobody there. I asked what the number was and they couldn't see so I said when was it they said earlier this morning from 9.47 to 11.03, a couple yesterday and a 2.5 hour call weds. I was literally in a meeting at work on the same day when they said I called that morning and my phone was in my pocket. I said 100% it wasn't me, if it was me I wouldn't be so stupid to use my mobile or complain about it. I said I bet somebody got my number or hacked me so I said block all international calls. They said it was 100% indisputable you because otherwise we cant charge you for it. I said it was not and this went back and forth. I raised a complaint and said im not paying my bill and would rather cut my direct debit out and get a new phone.!

They raised this and said it will be fixed in 5 working days. Lo and behold 5 wd after I called and they said its with the fraud squad (whatever that is). They also said oh they haven't look at it yet to which I was like !!!!!!. They said they would chase again.

I went into a shop today and they couldn't help. Im worried that somebody has hacked my phone and has or can see my stuff, virgin won't even send me a new sim card or change my number. Im adament in telling them im not paying my bill and said if they even dare generate it with that money on im taking it further. They said oh well we can just credit you. With 2 kids and being a single parent.... um no it doesn't work like that!!!!

The shop said and the customer service said they dont know what the back office team even do or how they check it. I wouldn't know how they could check who done it (does anybody know if they can track ip addresses or something?)

Has anybody else had disputed charges looked into and how do you deal with it and win?

Also what happens if they refuse to listen and try take this out and I just cancel all my dd's and get cut off? I assume that's a no no for credit rating and bailiffs ?




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