Jewellery purchase.

Hello forumites.

I'm considering buying some Gold jewellery for a special occasion.

I found a company called Glamira which is based in Germany. They seem to have a good reputation but I wondered if any MSE forum members had any experience of using them. Thanks in advance for any information.


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    No experience, but I would be very hesitant in buying gold online from a relatively unknown company. You need to be able to see the hallmark etc before you buy, no idea what the rules are in Germany but in the UK you can easily return things and I know the seller has to pay, no idea whether this is an eu rule or UK.

    My main concern would be the hallmarks.
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    Thanks for that. I checked about hallmarks. Germany does not subscribe to the hallmark system so there is only a purity stamp. This was something that concerned me too. I think the return system is an EU requirement and, of course, there is always the credit card protection.

    I was hoping somebody would have direct experience but it seems nobody is as daft as me!
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    For the benefit of others who may consider this company, I did make a purchase.

    It was handled perfectly. Items arrived on time and are purity stamped. On the whole a very impressive service and product.
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