When would redundancy be official?

Real life situation, with place holder dates for simplicity.

Member of staff is placed at risk of redundancy on 1st January.
Consultations take place over the next 8 weeks and formal 1 to 1 is on 1st March.
Redundancy is confirmed to employee that their job role will end on 1st June.
Employees last day of working is 1st June and they are then paid their redundancy package, and a PILON payment, covering 12 weeks up to 1st September.

On which date would the employee be officially classed as redundant?

The reason I ask is because 1st March is when the staff member is served their redundancy, however the 1st June is when the job role ends.



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    Its a bit more complicated

    For the purposes of when did the job terminate that will be the last day so 1st June(Sat) is last day.
    (eg That's the date you can start claiming JSA, start a new job etc)

    12 weeks PILON is to the 24th Aug. (3 months is nearer 13 weeks)

    Depending on how long they worked there the date for calculating the redundancy service and payment will be statutory notice(1 week per year up to 12) after June 1st.

    this can effect the years of service and the extra 1/2 week for those 42 and over.

    When PILON is paid in full notice is not normally counted as started, In some cases the date you add the statutory notice would be the 1st March if that was an official notice but then some of the actual(PILON) payment could have been paid tax free as only part of it was notice not worked.
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