Shopping Bags - How've you replaced yours?

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Did an online shop at Asda to collect yesterday.
They used to offer plastic bags at 40p.
Now they don't.

I reuse plastic bags in bins around the house (bathrooms, bedrooms) so feel no guilt in having my shopping put in bags. I saw on a programme that they're more environmentally friendly than bag for life types if you reuse them just once.

However, now Asda will not supply bags at all.

What do other people do for shopping, apart from using bag for life or the stronger more durable ones?

I've seen Asda does some sort of fabric ones that hook on to trolleys, but at £2.50 a go, not sure I'd see the value in them.

Have thought about some plastic crates that supermarkets ship vegetables in, as then I can just carry them into the house and unload.

Any other ideas?


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    I have two large bags from Carrefour supermarket. In France, they haven't been supplying free bags in most supermarkets for years. We bought these for our shopping on a SC holiday and, probably 10 years later, they're still going strong. These are for my weekly supermarket shop.

    In my handbag I've got a cotton tote and a bag for life folded in case I need a bag unexpectedly.

    I still have a kitchen bin that's designed for carrier bags (years old from Ikea) so now I buy a roll of carrier bags for that. Like you, I always reused the free bags previously.
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    I have a basket (woven straw type) and various fabric shoulder bags as well as some large handbag types.

    However I generally re-use the single-use bags which I have had since before October 2015 and have never bought a plastic bag since then.
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    I made my own some years ago and they are still going strong. I used the tutorial at They are roomy, comfortable to carry, very strong, machine washable, fold up small. I used scrap fabric (old curtains, left overs from other projects etc). Old duvet covers can be a good fabric source for shopping bags.
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    Only times I have bought carrier bags 5p/10p since the bag charge in Oct 2015 have been:
    . I take three or four bags for life with me and one of those gets a hole etc and bag is from a different shop. For example - Aldi bag splits in Asda
    . When I have bought a coat or something larger than my bags can hold

    I use the supermarkets; bags for life and super shoppers like those big Aldi ones for c.40p. Got a couple of foldaway ones in my handbag and one in each of my coats.
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    We have various bags we've used for quite a long time now - flexible canvas bags we got when bought shoes in a store, they are great for many shops; someone left a couple of Metro bank large canvas bags in their trolley unloved so we have been using them for months now (great for heavy items like milk), also have a series of other bags gained over the years.

    Bottom line is there is no reason not to keep re-using bags until they completely fall apart. No need to buy any. When we go shopping in other stores we take a bag or two with us so we never need to buy a bag.

    We also re-use ice-cream containers as they are excellent for freezing items, lunches, food left over to store in the fridge, etc - after all they are strong boxes and have good lids! (no need to buy supermarket plastic containers).
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    We have more bags-for-life than we will ever need, I'm a sucker for new designs!
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    Like Maman we got ours free in a local supermarket (superU) in France and after 15 or more years of almost daily use they are still strong. We had a Tesco one (don't know where it came from) and after a year or so their cashier insisted on replacing it free because it looked very worn.

    Bacman's suggestions above - highly recommended, we've also been doing that though the advertising canvas bags don't hold as much
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    The_Miser wrote: »
    We had a Tesco one (don't know where it came from)

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    Tesco have also started compulsory bag less home delivery.

    So we will have to buy carrier bags specifically for rubbish bins now, instead of re-using supermarket ones.

    I was already using my own bags most of the time before the charge came in, so I don't think I've really bought any new ones since. Apart from when I got a smaller handbag and needed a few smaller foldables as the ones I used in old handbag were too big. One was from Oxfam and used to be a sari!

    I did buy a shopping trolley after the charge came in, it was the final push I needed as I had been thinking about it, which as a disabled non driver I wouldn't be without now.
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    Bought them years ago via supermarkets for min 0.50 - £2.00 - mostly woven coarse hempy mixture and have lasted years. Am based in Wales. Only bought extra because I fanced a design - maybe two bought extra in 10 years. Have got about 8. One chucked because worn thin and corners had given way.
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