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Work Place Pay Query + Settlement


Worked in current role for 10 years. Full time employed

After a bit of advice here got called into a meeting on the 17th to be told my area would be algimated with another and that a settlement agreement would be offered. I was then put on paid leave

Duly contacted a soliciter in due course and on the basis of several incorrect policy breaches have rejected the first offer and put a counter offer in they have subsequently countered and the process and negotiating is ongoing

My question is this Pay roll run 1-31st paying the 15th of each month ( Two weeks ahead two weeks behind ie in July being paid on the 15th I was paid for all of the month. There original finishing date was the 31st July meaning on the 15th nothing more would be due save for notice period stat redundancy and enhanced.

My question is this as nothing has been signed and we are still in negotiations am I right in thinking that on the 15th August I should be paid in full? My soliciter has already sent off a new termination date but am I right in thinking that as I have not signed the agreement and they have not terminated my employment yet I should be paid as usual

As a side question I also have a company car am I right in assuming that until the agreement is signed I also have use of this as per usual rights?


  • getmore4lessgetmore4less Forumite
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    Are you close to 11years with delay and 10weeks added?

    While on garden leave they should pay as normal till termination.
  • SparkyMark123SparkyMark123 Forumite
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    Nope started in the March so some way off 11 years. The delay in signing is due to offer and counter proposal etc. That was my understanding as well I appreciate that if signed this week and I get paid until the end of August then the extra 2/3 weeks will be taken off my three month notice period which they are proposing to pay up front as wel
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