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I have some books and clothes I want to get rid of and was wondering on the best way to make some money from them. Does anyone have some ideas or have experience of doing this and how did you do it?
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  • MovingForwards
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    Facebook local selling groups?
    Facebook market place?

    I've recently tried 2 and 3.

    Put photos up, description, price and partial postcode. So far I've sold a laptop and I've got a few other bits up.

    People often sell clothes on FB.
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  • lincroft1710
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    Car boot sale?

    A few posters have recently said that selling books has become less profitable in the last few years. Success with clothes will depend so much on maker's label, style and size. You may be lucky or you may have to try more than one medium.

    Of course, "competitive" pricing is essential!
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  • leix2012
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    I've noticed books don't sell anymore on eBay so I just give away for free on Facebook or take them to charity shops.

    As for clothes eBay is hit and miss for me, I have used it since 2007 but since they seem to focus more on 'New' things and companies the amount of 'Used' items has went down a lot. I struggle to sell things that in past I had no trouble with.

    Recently started using Facebook marketplace more but haven't sold any clothes through this only household / toys & games / furniture.
  • ska_lover
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    Facebook market place thingy, as it doesn't cost anything

    I have had a few good results on there
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  • mimi1234
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    I've tried eBay for clothes but you barely make anything after postage and fees, even with branded items like Diesel and Zara. These days I just take the whole lot to charity shops even stuff I have never worn.

    There's a girl I work with who makes 50p to £3 on clothes she sells but she is adamant she will carry on doing this. To each their own I guess.
  • lynseydee
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    Thanks for everyone's replies.

    I have managed to get rid of one item of clothing with possibly two more going out tomorrow through Marketplace. I have managed to sell about a dozen books through Marketplace as well, although the books I'm not so worried about.

    Any clothes left at the weekend I've decided will go to the charity shop.
    Did owe £9,951.96

    Now helping hubby pay off loan. Finally paid off :j

    Owe Virgin [STRIKE]£5,950.00 [/STRIKE]at 0% til June 2009 £3,427.89. Owe HSBC [STRIKE]£5,460.78 [/STRIKE]2.9% til May 2010 £3,703.07. Owe Post Office £1,676.62 at 0% til September 2010
  • treenyttt
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    Ebay a bit hit and miss with clothes. Books don't sell well on there either. Car boot?
  • For clothes and shoes that are stylish I used the app Depop
    Loads of hipster art kids on there you just need to learn how to tag properly like all the well known high street store names
  • For clothes, Vinted is a rival to Depop. I've not tried it though.
    Seems to me there is now so much stuff in the world that hardly anyone wants to buy second-hand stuff on Facebook, eBay or anywhere else.
  • mee2wo
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    I can confirm books don't do well on eBay, l tried to sell 30 books, only 1 sold.
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