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Question about acoustics at the London O2 arena

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Question about acoustics at the London O2 arena

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Morning all,

I am hoping to get a ticket tomorrow (Friday) for my first music gig at the above venue to see Bjork in November.

However, I am very wary that certain venues have very poor acoustics. Looking at old posts on these forums and elsewhere this seems true for the O2 as well.

Obviously sound quality can vary too depending on artist, promoter and what setup they have.

What do you all recommend for getting a good seat sound/view and of course, value wise? The event tickets start from £40ish.

I would be going by myself and tend to favour middle centre but depends on availability. Pretty sure it will be all seated!

Thanks all! :)


  • Hi all,

    OP here - just to update that I have booked my ticket.

    I was annoyed that there was a pre-sale on some website with access code emailed 24 hours in advance, otherwise might have got better tickets sooner. (ho hum!)

    There IS a standing area - unexpectedly - but the tickets are just over £100. Spending this kind of money just for a plethora of smartphones to be in your way sounds exorbitant. OK people might say about the experience and being able to dance but £100 - really? Just not for me.

    So instead I have booked for block 111, hopefully the sound quality from there will be good.

  • I went there for the first time to see Lee Evans a few years back. I could hardly make out a word of his set. After about 30 minutes, I had managed to work out how to tune into the reverbaration and started to make out his words, but with great difficulty.

    The sound was truly atrocious. Maybe for music it might be less of a problem but for speech, such as comedy, I'd never go there again.
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