What can my 12 yr old do

I have younger children and there are so many activities and holiday clubs for them but nothing for 12 yr olds.
My eldest has no confidence and struggles with friends, so he is seeing lots of kids his age going out enjoying themselves just “hanging out” and he is stuck in his room.
I’ve approach sports places/gyms but they’re all over 16 only.
He is overweight so any suggestions that would help him lose weight would be great!!
I’m doing as much as I can with him but with 2 younger ones he doesn’t want to do stuff with them understandably:(


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    Are there anu summer camps in your area? might be worth searching for them if there are
    download the app HOOP it shows you local activities etc in your area
  • Any local running clubs he could join? If too expensive then search for your local Parkrun event, great fun for all the family and a community spirit:)
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    Depends on where you live and if he has a smartphone with GPS , what about geocaching ?

    It'd get him out the house and walking, it's free and it's something he can do by himself or with the rest of the family but may then get to meet others who share a common interest

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    Check your local council, around here they are doing free basketball lessons once a week.
    Check what the local libaray is offering or advertising for others
    Look on facebook local pages to you, or whats on type pages near you.

    Can you invite a couple of his school friends over to yours.
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    Pokemon Go/Wizards Unite?

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    - https://camps.kingswood.co.uk/ however most probably sold out
    - Football / Sports Camps, usually loads around
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    Instead of focusing on his weight, find something he enjoys so he can build confidence. Gaining self-confidence will help his socialising, which will then help with his physicality.
    Does he play a musical instrument? Might he like amateur dramatics or singing? Does he have any engineering/technical/crafting interests?

    Could you both do some volunteering in the community? There are beach cleans, path cleans, community gardening etc.
    Contact you local library and CVS. CVS are a great source of knowledge.
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    Have you tried enrolling him into a martial arts club ?
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    Are there jobs around the house/garden he could do? Something a bit more grown up than his younger siblings are allowed to do? Maybe painting a wall (or his entire room??), cutting the grass, washing the car. Something that really needs to be done and that you would really appreciate him doing (I think when you're 12 you need things to be 'real').
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  • Is there nice cycling places nearby? Perhaps he could cycle to the park (while you walk/scoot). Then he's doing is own thing but you're still able to go out with your other children.
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