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First Birthday gift ideas

Can anyone give me any ideas for my son’s first birthday? We haven’t got much money at the moment.


  • MovingForwardsMovingForwards Forumite
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    As he isn't going to remember it then why put yourself under pressure?
  • Cardboard box and a wooden spoon?

    Nice photo in a frame?

    Hand made card?

    Although as MovingForwards has said the child won't care so perhaps the best idea is a babysitter and a meal out for the parents.
  • Sea_ShellSea_Shell Forumite
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    Who are you wanting to do this for, really?

    Your son won't know what's going on or whether he gets a present.

    Are your peers holding parties for their 1yo's?

    Are your parents expecting you to do something to mark the day.

    Save your money for when he'll appreciate it....18 maybe?!!;)
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  • StokieBecksStokieBecks Forumite
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    Argos have a wooden shape sorter for about £8

    Join him up at your local library (it's free!) and get him to choose a book or two a week you can take home and read to him

    As others have said he really won't remember so you don't need to buy expensive presents. A couple of cheap wooden toys wrapped up so he has something to open is plenty.

    Take him to a local park for an hour.
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  • MrsnMrsn Forumite
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    A nice little tea party at home and just a few well chosen fidt
  • MrsnMrsn Forumite
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    Sorry it won’t let me edit on my phone.... Argos have lots of 2 for 15 gifts that would be suitable but just spend the day making memories. Lots of photos etc

    I think parents put too much pressure on the perfect birthday (I have 2 December babies and forever feel guilty!)
  • Start collecting birthday wise photos of him and gift him when he will be young.DO some get together with your family members.
  • zanudazanuda Forumite
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    Make some special day and a lot of photos, so after you'll look at it together. Baby's like things like that. You don't even have to book a place. Go to the park with children's playground on a good day, make some huge bubbles, get couple of balloons. If you have friends, you could make a picnic party in the park...
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