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Food Mountain Goes Nuts At Lidl

My daughter was buying nuts at Lidl – she put two scoops of cashews and two of brazils into one of their plastic bags (who needs to use 2 bits of plastic?) and took it to the checkout. The girl said she couldn’t sell them to her as they were not allowed to mix the nuts – which apparently have two different codes – although both sorts of nut were the same price. No amount of pleading would get the cashier to change her mind – we even offered to pay twice (still cheaper than elsewhere) so her codes would not be affected. Then my daughter said: “What will you do with that bagful now then?” “It will go in the bin,” the girl replied. I said: “Why don’t you have a sign next to the price telling people not to mix the nuts?” She just shrugged, unmoved and inflexible. What a waste.


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    I appreciate trying to save the planet, i really do. But getting involved in stock management process of companies because youre taking it upon yourself to manage their plastic policy is more than likely going to result in waste rather than any kind of benefit.

    Next time, like every other time in your life, just dont mix loose products.
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