The one year countdown to Tokyo 2020 begins - your MSE sports ideas to warm up this summer

Hi Forumites!

The one year countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has begun!

As you know, all over the world, preparation for the games starts years in advance - so we've decided to be an early bird so we can catch the worm too!

What free (or MoneySaving) sports ideas do you have for others (that's children AND adults!) to get involved with this summer?

Maybe you've set up a mini 'stadium' in the back garden with different 'events'? Or you've put in place some running challenges over the course of a few weeks?

Here at MSE Towers, we'd love it if you could share your MSE ways, gearing up to the big event! Let's try to be as creative as possible to make the most of the good weather - and summer holidays!

Remember - it's not about the winning, it's about the taking part... But a gold medal would certainly be a bonus!


- MSE Molly

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  • codgercodger Forumite
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    Not sure if this is a money-saving idea or not, but I have an idea for a new Olympic event that would be entirely in keeping with the Olympic spirit, as it is nowadays.

    The event will be a race on the running track, not sure what the overall distance should be. A buffet table packed with servings of Coca Cola and Big Macs is to be set up by the start line. Competitors are required to consume a large Coca-Cola and a Supersized Big Mac immediately before the race begins. The winner is the one who finishes first and has not suffered a heart attack or stroke en route.

    I can't see anyone objecting to this?:)
  • DdraigGochDdraigGoch Forumite
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    As an idea, how about setting yourself a target such as the 4 style swimming race, ie start in breaststroke, then crawl, then backstroke, then butterfly. One length of an Olympic length pool of each style = 4 "competitor's medal" points (ie 4 lengths, one of each, during the first week/month = 4 points WHEN THEY'RE ALL FINISHED!); run, trot, walk, etc a certain Olympic distance over a certain period = one point; try a Triathlon by riding your bicycle for the given distance, swim, run, etc the Olympic distances = a point each for each discipline when finished.
    If you see me on here - shout at me to get off and go and get something useful done!! :D
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