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Corkage fees

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andreajrandreajr Forumite
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Mr step son got married yesterday and the venue charged £6 corkage fee for every bottle we purchased. They charged £360 for the 60 bottles in advance. During the reception I asked where the rose wine bottles were as I couldn't see any had been put on the tables and was told they would be given out later when the bbq was served. I was then told they had already been placed on the tables and they must have missed our table and they gave me one bottle.

Today I have been to the venue to collect all remaining presents etc and asked if any wine/fizz was left. I was handed over 27 bottles which included 16 bottles of rose out of 20!!!!! when asked if the corkage would be refunded on these 27 bottles as I was told it wouldn't be and that I was lucky to get the wine back as most venues wouldn't give it back.

I feel the venue had no intention of using our wine/fizz despite agreeing to the corkage fee and basically their actions is tant amount to theft.

Does anybody have any suggestions/information that would help to get their money back. They have saved/worked so hard to pay for the wedding it has just put a downer on what was an amazing day.

Thanks in advance


  • tacpot12tacpot12 Forumite
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    I don't see that they have much recourse unless the issue of refunding the corkage was agreed beforehand, had it been, the venue might have been inclined to ensure that all their wine was served.

    I think the should just plan on drinking the wine you recovered and badmouth the venue to anyone who asks.

    They could use the threat of badmouthing the venue as a lever to get some of the corkage back, but the venue was entitled to charge something to serve their wine. It sounds like they were just inept on the night, and so a refund if half the corkage for unserved wine might be fair to both parties.
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