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Payday loan Account statement and response

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    Gaz83 wrote: »
    You're assuming that it's been logged as a complaint.

    I know the word 'complain' is in the letter, but in the letter the OP has asked for a very specific thing, and the loan company have given him that very specific thing.

    ...And in addition to that specific thing, he also said that he thinks they engaged in irresponsible lending. Which, if I was a complaints handler, I would not assume that he was terribly delighted about. Unless the complaints department are going to adopt the "hope he goes away" defence, they should respond to his accusation of irresponsible lending within the 8 week deadline, and if they uphold it, offer redress.
  • Dear xxxxx,

    Thank you for the evidence you have provided me loan datasheet

    Can you please confirm my complaint has been fully investigated with regards to irresponsible lending as stated in previous email sent 15/07/2019

    Yours faithfully
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