Multiple entries on credit report for same debt?

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Multiple entries on credit report for same debt?

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Debt-Free Wannabe
Not sure if this is correct or not but no one can seem to confirm for me so wondering whether any of the experts here can.

I have a couple of credit cards that have been defaulted and sold off to agencies however this has resulted in two defaults on my file:

Aqua card - showing the balance at the point of default, last updated in 2017, showing in default. This has been sold off to Cabot, who now have their own line and are updating the balance

Barclaycard - showing defaulted with a balance of zero, sold to PRA who have their own new record and are updating the balance

Should these entries be like this, as I have in effect defaulted on the credit cards and started a "new" credit line with the debt collection agencies or should they have taken over so I only show one debt?


  • Suseka97Suseka97
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    I'm no expert, but that doesn't look right. You can only be defaulted the once - but maybe its a timing issue. Have the debts just recently been sold / passed to Cabot and PRA? If so then it may be that it'll take a little time for the OC's to remove/update their entries. I have to say that when my BC accounts were sold to PRA the entry on my credit file simply changed in terms of the 'owner' of the debt. I didn't find myself with two entries for any period of time.

    Keep an eye on it and if you're not happy I think you can raise a query with the CRA's direct, or if not then contact the OC's and raise a query with them.
  • sourcratessourcrates
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    Accounts only default once.
    The entry from the original creditor should show the date of default, plus a zero balance.

    The entry from the new owner should also show the original default date, plus the balance outstanding.

    If it’s showing anything different, send a written complaint to the creditors concerned, don’t raise a dispute with the CRA, they only show the information the creditors give them.

    Information commissionaire (ICO) is your next port of call if not corrected.
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