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NatWest and RBS apologise after refusing to refund scam victims £10,000s despite new code - MSE News

Two MoneySavers, who were tricked into transferring £10,000s to fraudsters, were wrongly refused refunds despite their banks being signed up to a new code to protect customers from authorised push payment scams. The banks insist these were one-off errors and are among at least four major banks which say they have paid out under the code...
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'NatWest and RBS apologise after refusing to refund scam victims £10,000s despite new code'
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    In the second case, I would argue that the person did not do enough to confirm the identity of the person he was sending the money to, and therefore even under the new code the bank should not have refunded it (which in fairness is what the bank have said too, but 50k is one hell of a goodwill gesture)

    There has to be some sense of personal responsibility somewhere.
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