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Comping for 9 years... 0 wins!

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  • WeAreGhostsWeAreGhosts Forumite
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    fsmmct wrote: »
    I'm a newbie to this competition thing and not brilliant on finding my way around forums so please excuse my ignorance
    what do you mean by the search facility.... is this to search for specific competitions and is that facility here on MSE

    Just above where you find the bulk of the competitions on here, to the right on the dark green bar there's a 'search this forum' option. Clicking that will drop down a box to do a general search (also an option for advanced search). Searching here will only show up the threads/posts from the competition area of MSE.
  • BizHighflyerBizHighflyer Forumite
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    Scratch this thread.
    Today I won £500! :-)
  • hdh74hdh74 Forumite
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    Scratch this thread.
    Today I won £500! :-)

    Well that was worth waiting for! Well done.
    2018 - £562  2019 - £130 2020 - £276  2021 - £25
  • cagsdcagsd Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper I won, I won, I won!

  • sleepyjonessleepyjones Forumite
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    Comping for 80 years and I haven't won anything ... at all!! ... and certainly no radio comps for £10k+!

    **Seemed to work for BizHighflyer, so Im'a give it a go **

    Probably just jinxed myself for the next 80 years now for telling porkies to the comping fairies.
  • suesonsueson Forumite
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    Good luck, I’m sure you’re going to win a prize one day. Don’t give up. I’ve only won a small prize in 10 years a food hamper , I was overwhelmed.
  • iqzyiqzy Forumite
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    Been comping for 10 years and still no win! A cash prize would do nicely then all my stresses will go away
  • thingamaBobthingamaBob Forumite
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    sueson wrote: »
    Good luck, I’m sure you’re going to win a prize one day. Don’t give up. I’ve only won a small prize in 10 years a food hamper , I was overwhelmed.
    Did you not see post #13 on this thread?

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    pootlerpootler Forumite
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    edited 8 August 2019 at 7:18AM
    I've been doing this on and off for about 7 years now, and I have weeks where I win prize after prize, and months when I win nothing, even when I'm putting the same amount of effort in. So I do it for fun - I enjoy the daydreaming. The prizes are really a bonus!

    I rarely bother with the big popular comps, except the Bauer multi-thousand pound ones. And there are others that I don't bother with because they always get thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of entries. Dave Lackie for instance.

    I've had a few wins from entering comps posted on magazine websites like Delia - the ones that probably have less mass market appeal. Although I have won a couple via national newspapers too. I had the most wins when I was unemployed - I made comping my work, and I actually won the equivalent of a part time wage almost, one year, because I won a £1800 prize from one comp, and a few other big ticket items.

    I tend not to bother with rafflecopter, because they are often ridiculous, demanding you go through so many steps to have even a slim chance. Never win with those. Never won anything from Gleam either, though this is easier, so I only bother with those when I've got loads of time on my hands and the prize is something I really want.

    I probably get the most wins from entering competitions from companies local to me rather than national ones, usually via online forms, but also on Twitter and Facebook. However, I've NEVER won anything from things like bloggers, hairdressers, chemists, wax melt sellers and the like. I'm not sure what's going on there, but I have suspicion...

    I think it really helps to enter smaller comps, enter lots of comps, and enter only the things you actually want to win. Stick to companies that are likely to be very honest about their process too - larger, more well known companies will have to be scrupulously fair when awarding prizes, when the hairdresser on a small town high street will not. ;-)

    It's a numbers game, really. The more you enter, and the fewer other people entering the same thing, the more chance you have of winning. It really is that simple. Apply some tactics, plug away, and you will win! :-)
    :jBest 2019 wins:jAI hotel stay, washing machine, craft beer, limited edition facsimile of Jane Eyre, iPhone XR, framed print, food dehydrator, £300 shopping vouchers, luxury candle gift set...
  • Slinky99Slinky99 Forumite
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    6 months (ish?) for me with no wins, but to be fair, I tend to mostly enter the higher value holiday items, so I know my chances are remote. Bizarrely, as someone previously said, I enjoy the buzz of knowing I COULD win even if I don't. And the dream of remote destinations gets me through numerous crappy days at work! Lol.
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