Personalised Hoodies UK - anyone used them?

Hi everyone,

I'm helping to organise an event this summer and as part of it we'll be getting hoodies printed. Has anyone ever used Personalised Hoodies UK?

As I'm a new user I can't post a link, but the website is personalisedhoodiesuk dot co dot uk

Their prices seem good, but I just want to make sure they're a decent company with decent products before we go ahead and order.

Thanks, and sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum - I wasn't really sure where to put it!


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    Looking at their website and social sites its odd they don't have a single photo of a printed item, just all mock up graphics.

    The review link in the sidebar on their site has 50 five star reviews all received over two months in 2018, all very similar in content, and then nothing until one bad review recently.

    Appears they also run a business under the name ethicstar from the same address, reviews on that site here;

    I might tend to look elsewhere if it were me, or at least be sure to order in plenty of time in case you need to find an alternative.
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    Also seems bizzare they have lots of reviews on that site - but none on trustpilot ?
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