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Advice re kitchen installation

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blueyeblueye Forumite
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Hi I have an American fridge freezer that is 908 wide I’m not sure what to buy to box it in as I don’t want a 1000 bridging unit as the gaps would be to big...I was thinking I could get end panels to go on the sides of the two tall units that will be either side of the F/F would this work?
Also do I need to buy end panels for cupboards either side of a Belfast sink?
And is it acceptable to ask Fitter’s for quotes when I haven’t bought it yet or will they think I’m wasting their time?


  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    What goes over the fridge freezer? It's unlikely to be as tall as the units. The fitter could do something with filler panels under a 1000mm bridging unit, but depending on the range that your supplier offers, there could be different ways of bridging the gap.

    I would buy end panels for the belfast sink. Actually, I don't buy proper belfast sinks as I think they're impractical and there are too many places for water to sit, but end panels either side will keep edges to a minimum. If people want ceramic sinks, we usually buy inset ones.

    You can speak to fitters now - they'll actually help you with what might be sensible, after all, they'll be more experienced with the little tricks than you are.
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  • blueyeblueye Forumite
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    Tall units are 1245 high F/F is 1790 high and the bridging unit to go on top of the F/F is 360 high I thought if I added a tall end panel to both tall units that would give enough room for the F/F to fit in if I got a 900 bridging unit....I think the panels are 18mm thick so would leave a 936 space in the middle F/F is 908 wide so there would be a 14mm gap down either side rather than a 46mm gap that a 1000 bridging unit would leave.
    Thanks for the advice regarding the Belfast sink panels,...i know they’re impractical but really love the look of them so I’ll be extra careful when I wash up haha
  • jenniferniljennifernil Forumite
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    I would go for the wider bridging unit, give the fridge more ventilation around it and easier to move it into place, and out if necessary at any point.
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