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Odd 'DCA' type letter years after going bankrupt

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Odd 'DCA' type letter years after going bankrupt

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tomcleverlytomcleverly Forumite
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I have received a letter from a company called "Intrum". It says:

"We are attempting to contact xxxxx regarding a personal matter and your address has been supplied as a possible address.

If you are xxxxx please contact our offices immediately on 01737 xxxxxx quoting your Intrum Reference number xxxxxxxx at which time further information can be provided.

If you are not xxxxx: If xxxx is no longer a resident at this address we would appreciate you calling us at your earliest convenience on xxxx. This will enable us to update our records, and therefore prevent us contacting your address unnecessarily in the future.

Any information you provide will be handled in the strictest confidence."

Has anyone heard of this company? I searched but the forum said "no results" for this company name, yet my Googling suggests it's been around for 100 years so I find that surprising!

What i don't understand is that my research points to it being a debt collection type company (a dodgy one at that), but I have taken out not a SINGLE debt in over a decade, and I went bankrupt in that time, so firstly I have no debts and secondly if I do, they are unenforceable due to the bankruptcy, as they can only have been taken out before that. Am I right in this thinking?

Any advice would be appreciated. I am curious to know what it's about so I can tell them where to go properly. On the other hand, I have no obligation to answer the letter and I would rather not make any contact. Tricky decision, but I will take guidance on it before deciding if anyone has any advice.
thank you


  • They are debt collectors and have sent you a tracing letter. You are correct in not contacting them and if you have to only in writing. Wait for them to write with details of a debt and go from there.

    Most probably trying their luck in a debt covered by your bankruptcy which being over ten years ago would be wasting their time.

    So other than checking your cra records all you can do is sit back and wait. Phoning them is just filling in the gaps for them.
  • boo_starboo_star Forumite
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    I searched but the forum said "no results" for this company name, yet my Googling suggests it's been around for 100 years so I find that surprising!

    No results?
  • I see they are a popular bunch! hxxps://
  • boo_star wrote: »
    No results?

    Correct, no results for me. I searched and searched, tried quotes around it too. every time it said no results and suggested "Intro" instead as a term.

    I now realise the "Search MSE" box at the top doesn't bring it up, but the one further down the page does. Didn't see that box before and thought "Each MSE" would pull up results on, well, MSE!

    Got it now thanks, will have a read of some threads.

    Thanks for advice above. I will file it away and see what happens. I would like to know more, and maybe it won't create any relationship/contractual ties by just asking them for more information, but knowing how unscrupulous some of these companies are, they could "see it that way" if they so chose. So all things considered yes, file and ignore. Thanks for the replies
  • ToxtethO'GradyToxtethO'Grady Forumite
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    Was the letter in your name? If so they have a record of you and if the debt was included in your BR all you need to do is send them information on it. You can find out the times by searching
    If it wasn't addressed to you it's not your debt and you can update them on this.

    They are a debt collection agency and sometimes they are sold 'books' of debt and they don't know what has happened to that debt so they chase it, if the debt was included in your BR they have no recourse at all and if they do not stop contacting, you can ask for compensation.
    You contacting them will not change a thing if the debt was included in your BR.
    If it wasn't included in your BR and is over 6 years and you haven't acknowledged it or paid anything to it it's statute barred - unenforceable through the courts but it isn't uncollectable. There is a really good thread on here about statute barred debts.
  • Thanks, sorry I didn't get a notification. Yes the letter was addressed to me. I will have a think, I definitely have no debts since going BR (not even an overdraft) so it's probably rubbish but I have enough to deal with at the moment so will wait for the next letter i think,
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