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Marauding Foxes!

Just coped with one problem, now I am being besieged by foxes. My garden backs on to a large expanse of overgrown land, by the edge of a single track railway, and I've often seen a fox in the garden, perhaps a few times each year.

But this year, they are visiting mob handed, and have wreaked havoc, digging up flower beds, ripping the weed suppressant in parts of the garden, and digging huge holes where a damson tree once was. One of my neighbours has seen both adults, with and without their cubs.

I bought 2 of the sensor thingies, put the sensor and noise on full, and directed them to the key points of digging - to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions please.

My back fence is 2 metres high, but that doesn't seem to present a problem.


  • A dog, stroppy cat or male (human) urine to mark the territory. I think it's that time of year, that there might be new den on that wasteland, and you've been 'chosen' as a particularly safe garden for their nursery. AFAIK those noise/sensor things are fairly pointless against foxes they need more than mild irritation to be put off scavenging a good site

    Why am I in this handcart and where are we going ?
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