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Not sure if I'm on the right board or not.

I have a couple of 14 year-old MP3 players (Creative MuVo) that I only use when out running. Both seem to be coming to the end of their useful life (14 years isn't bad). I need to replace them but I've no idea what to look for (I'm a very low-tech person).

The two MuVos are perfect as they're small and fit into a neat little holder that you can clip securely onto your clothing or a belt etc. (Don't like armbands). They hold enough music for my needs (no more than 90 minutes running or possibly a couple of hours on a train).

I've got all the music I'm ever likely to need on CD so (ideally) would be looking for something to transfer CDs to. I'm not really interested in streaming or downloading from the web. (Well, might be a few things I might want to download that I haven't got). Haven't got a smartphone and don't especially want one. Has to be physically robust in case of being dropped or falling in rivers etc!)

Any suggestions, or are my low-tech requirements unrealistic and need to be upgraded?

(I have another thread on the Techie board regarding a recurring problem I have with earphones. One suggestion was to go down the Bluetooth route which I suspect may mean I "need" something more sophisticated than I "want"?).



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