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xercise4less / Harlands - please help!

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xercise4less / Harlands - please help!

edited 6 June 2019 at 9:51PM in Sports and Fitness MoneySaving
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edited 6 June 2019 at 9:51PM in Sports and Fitness MoneySaving

I have a monthly rolling contract with xercise4less. A couple of weeks ago I cancelled, and I know I did because it said to not cancel the direct debit. As I was up to date and a payment was already in process for 2 days time so it couldn't be stopped, I (stupidly) did cancel the direct debit. I know, stupid.

Anyway, I receive an email from Harlands saying that my direct debit has been cancelled and I am now in default. A check of my bank account has confirmed that they have taken payment on 28 May, 2 days after I cancelled, as expected.

Now they are saying that I have to set up a direct debit and have a payment taken on 27 June before I can then submit my 30 day cancellation request again. So effectively I have to pay 2 x 19.99 before I can cancel.

I have emailled xercise4less twice since this and have had no response.

I definitely cancelled per their website on 26 May but received no email confirmation.

Is there anything I can do here? Or am I going to have to pay for two more months despite the fact that I have cancelled online and emailed stating my intentions. As a worst case scenario, I would expect to be able to give my 30 days notice now and not have to wait until 27 June before cancelling. When I try another cancellation on the xercise4less website it says I am in default so I can't submit a cancellation request, even though I have paid on 28 may and I have a screenshot showing that I am not in default.

Can anyone help me please!?


  • Manxman_in_exileManxman_in_exile Forumite
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    OK - so you know you made a mistake cancelling the DD (although they've taken payment and you are now up to date?)

    Can you cancel by email or does it have to be in "writing"?

    I presume you've got your email - did you get a read receipt?

    I'd 'phone the gym, say you cancelled with effect from such and such date, and as far as you are concerned you are up to date with payments and don't understand why they are ignoring your cancellation.

    Whether this will work I've no idea, but it's what I'd try.
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