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Please note that when you invite family members to your subscription, they will have access to your bank account to purchase through Amazon, yes its buried in the small print!! Only came to my notice after family member accepted invite and email mentions it.

in terms & conditions

(b) Family Unlimited Plans. A Family Unlimited Plan allows you to share Unlimited Content with up to five family members. When you invite a family member to your Family Unlimited Plan, that family member may have access to the payment method we charge for your subscription. You authorize each family member that you invite to your Family Unlimited Plan to make purchases on or through Amazon with that payment method. If a family member makes a purchase on the shared payment method, you will be notified of that purchase. All Family Unlimited Plan members must be 13 years of age or older, unless a higher minimum age applies to your Location, e.g. 14 years (Spain), 15 years (France), 16 years (Germany and Italy). You can find additional information regarding minimum age requirements for other European Union Locations, if applicable, when you invite family members to your Family Unlimited Plan. If you invite a minor to the Family Unlimited Plan, you must either be the parent or legal guardian of the minor, or act with the parent's or legal guardian's consent. In the United States, parents may give permission for children under 13 to access Amazon Music Unlimited. Minors may use their Amazon account, including access to the Family Unlimited Plan and privacy settings, only with involvement of a parent or guardian.

From email after family member accepts invite

XXXXX XXXX is now a part of your Amazon Music Unlimited for Family plan. XXXXX XXXX can now stream music and can make purchases on using your shared payment method.

To manage your family subscription (e.g., to remove a Family member from your Family plan), visit your Amazon Music Settings.


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There is no way to stop this other than to cancel whole subscription as confirmed on Amazon chat and phone call. (An hour of frustration only to be cut off abruptly)

Not sure if banks are happy with multiple people sharing payment card

Will try to find out
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