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MSE Poll: What do you buy second-hand?

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Poll started 28 May 2019
It's cheap, and environmentally friendly, yet some people think only new will do.

Please select ALL of the items that you would be happy to buy second-hand, if it was decent quality and cheaper.
Did you vote? Are you surprised at the results so far? Have your say below.

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Thanks! :)


  • Second-hand underwear??? :eek::eek:
  • NeetaMDNeetaMD Forumite
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    All this fuss about protecting the environment but it’s often all talk, no action. The most environmentally friendly thing to do is to use something secondhand that has already been produced but is no longer needed by the original owner.

    I would not buy carpet secondhand because of the cost and hassle to get it cleaned and fitted nor shoes on most occasions as I have a foot problem that needs a particular style. Otherwise anything else secondhand is fine by me.

    As a consequence both my husband and I have been mortgage free since our 40’s raised a large family and retired early at 55. Who cares if it’s new, everything is secondhand after first use!
  • 20SmthngSver20SmthngSver Forumite
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    I'm not sure it's what MSE was thinking of at all but especially well known fitness or adult actor guys from social media sometimes sell, shall we say, underwear they've spread their love on to adoring fans...
  • 20SmthngSver20SmthngSver Forumite
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    I buy refurbished mobile phones. Surprised that wasn't on here, not really a household appliance so didn't tick it.
  • I was the only one in my category who answered yes to carpets because I have previously bought a second hand rug off a colleague whose pet-free house is much cleaner than mine! I wouldn't buy a second hand fitted carpet - too much hassle. Not sure if rugs were included under carpets or if it only referred to the fitted type.
  • Have bought second hand for years mainly clothes, cars and furniture .
  • economumeconomum Forumite
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    Have bought and used second hand carpet for my daughter's bedroom - originally from a much bigger room and in excellent condition. We cut it down and fitted it on top of new, high quality underlay. Saved hundreds.
  • WoollyManWoollyMan Forumite
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    Something odd about these answers, to my mind - are people all answering the question as asked?

    For instance, cars - surely more than 10% of people would be happy to buy cars secondhand? It seems such a normal activity.

    With the proviso stated in the question "if it was decent quality and cheaper", I can't understand why these numbers are not just low, but very low.

    I'm well off but would and have bought pretty much everything in the list secondhand except underwear and bedding. I've never bought a new car and even though I could afford to, I don't expect I ever will - far cheaper to buy one that's 2 or 3 years old and sell it when it moves into unreliability.

    Why would 93% of people be unhappy to buy a DVD of "decent quality" just because someone else has watched it first? The film or TV series will be just as good!
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